Jessica Slavin Connelly, MSW, LICSW

"When written in Chinese, the word "crisis" is composed of two characters...

one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity."

- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

You, or someone you know, may gain from counseling/psychotherapy if any of the following is familiar to you:

Personal and Spiritual Growth

I want to achieve a lifestyle change
I want to improve my friendships or expand my social community
I want to eliminate a habit or personal quality that is holding me back
I want to 'take stock' of my life choices and direction
I feel lost about 'what I want to be when I grow up'
I have a life dream I want to pursue and am not sure where to start
I want to achieve financial order and stability
I want to achieve a sense of peace concerning events from my past


I am thinking of changing careers
I am not moving forward in my career
I want to improve my leadership and/or professional skills
I want to pursue more education or training and don't know where to begin
I want to improve my performance and reputation at my current job
I want to improve my communication and interactions with my colleagues and co-workers

I feel sad
The activities that used to interest me no longer do
I have trouble sleeping or sleep too much
I feel disconnected or isolated from my community
I have difficulty concentrating
I am more irritable and easily angered than usual
I have 'dark thoughts' that are uncomfortable for me
I can't seem to manage my emotions and mood swings
I experience angry outbursts
I feel like I can't do anything right

Anxiety is causing problems in my life
I feel uneasy and apprehensive about specific situations and experiences
I feel restless, fatigued, irritable, or tense
I am overwhelmed by work, life, situational stress or crisis
I have experienced a recent or past trauma
I am phobic about.... (flying, leaving the house, enclosed spaces, heights, etc) and it interferes with my daily functioning
I worry about my safety

Relationships, Marriage and Family

My partner and I would like to work through some issues together
I have a new partner and we are blending families, culture, or religious traditions
I am having difficulty finding the right someone 
I recently ended a relationship and am heartbroken
I am unhappy with the choices I make in romantic partners
I am confused about my current relationship
I am going through a divorce
I want to resolve conflict between myself and members of my family
I am overwhelmed by caregiver responsibilities

Food, Body, Self-Esteem, Social Skills, and Confidence Issues

I want to feel a greater sense of self confidence and esteem
I feel depressed or anxious about my weight and/or my appearance
I think about my weight or appearance multiple times during the day
I have secret eating habits, binges, or rituals
I think I am an emotional or compulsive eater, sometimes I can't stop myself
My feelings about my self image prevent me from participating in activities or socializing.
I have difficulties eating with or in front of others
I have difficulty setting limits, boundaries, and saying 'no' to others when necessary

Grief and Loss

I am grieving due to death of family member or close friend
I lost a loved one at an earlier time in my life and have unresolved feelings
I have recently lost a job, was laid off, or am retired
I have received bad news and am feeling uncontrollably sad
My child is leaving or has left home for college, etc.


My partner and I are struggling with fertility issues
I recently had a baby and should feel happy, but instead I am depressed
I have noticed concerning behavior and/or mood changes in my child.
My child is being bullied.
I am overwhelmed by parenting and family responsibilities.
I am suddenly a single parent, or adjusting to being a single parent, due to abandonment, partner illness, divorce, or recent loss.
I am getting a divorce want to handle the situation in the healthiest way for my child.
My child needs a safe space to discuss '........'


I participate in behaviors that I know are unhealthy for me but don't know how to stop
I have issues with impulse control that are causing problems in my life
I want to quit '.........'
I have been told by loved ones that my alcohol drug use is problematic
I feel controlled by certain temptations, behaviors, or substances
I spend too much time thinking about '...............'
My choices are hurting me and the people who care about me

If any of these feelings speak to you, I hope you will contact me if you think I can be of assistance.  If your issue does not fall into my scope of expertise, I will do my best to refer you to resources through my professional network.